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Beyond 2020: Heraeus offers solutions for semiconductors in AI, IoT and Big Data applications

27.06.2020: Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things and Big Data will drive the semiconductor market. Heraeus develops innovative solutions for technologies in a smart and digital future.

Heraeus Precious Appraisal

2020/06/22: Will BEV subsidies push Pd-rich ICEs onto thin ice?

Heraeus Photovoltaics introduces the latest line of its high-performance SOL 7 Series Silver Pastes

The next-generation SOL 7 Series pastes provide manufacturers with a variety of metallization solutions that can increase power output and efficiency across all mainstream solar cell technology.

New UV disinfection products - Soluva® Handheld Disinfection System and Soluva® Disinfection Chamber

Disinfection of objects is an important topic - especially for high touch areas. Heraeus Noblelight developed two new products: the "Handheld Disinfection System" and the "Disinfection Chamber" for dry, highly efficient and chemical-free disinfection of surfaces and air.

Heraeus Precious Metals - Setting the PGM agenda for the year ahead

Read about current market data and price developments of PGM's and understand the opportunities and risks of the Precious Metal Markets.

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